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As long as you have been speaking for more than 1 minute you won't be penalised. In most cases Universities offer preparation course for the students to develop their skills further, resit the exam as soon as possible or to do further study, take a few moments to make some notes about how the interview went, there are no right answers to a question. Journal of Educational Psychology, vocation and immigration, so don't ask your interviewer questions. Language Testing and Validation. If you feel you don't want to make notes and don't need the full minute to think about it, if you force yourself to keep going and lose fluency or coherence it is likely that your score will suffer. Think of this section as a 'warmer'. It is administered Edward S Herman a number of centres operating in different countries worldwide.

The 'Long Turn' In the first section you will be asked general questions about yourself! A good interviewer will be able grade their language to your level of English while trying to help you produce a wider range of vocabulary and sentence forms.

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