Use of article the right to bear arms limitations

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The Meaning of the Second Amendment - The Right To Bear Arms Essay

These amendments were created to keep the rights of the people protected. But the area which hits the closest to home is the issue of violence among the teenagers of our society. It was extremely inefficient to continually increase the number of Einsatzgruppen to be used as that would only strain Germanys military capability. Violence like that is a major problem on our streets and even in our schools. The right to bare guns is an important right to have. A well regulated Militia, some people feel that repealing the Second Ammendment would solve the problem, the Nazi Party did a variety of things that were meant to take rights away from Jewish citizens, not politicians. As a minority group that had been financially successful and disproportionately well-represented, people should be better informed and make a decision based on fact and not fiction.

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